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About Us

Our Story

Everything started out with a basic eczema problem. As some irritations started to appear in the hands of my daughter, our awareness of harmful chemicals
added to our waters, our food sources increased. We read various articles, listened to many professionals, independently researched these topics and we decided to step out from this chamber.


We chose what we wore carefully, we made sure our foods were natural. We went back to our roots, to nature, to an all-natural lifestyle. From cotton, from hemp, from linen we made clothes to wear for our family, we bought only all-natural, all organic products that were not touched by man-made chemicals to ensure that our family was maintaining the raw, all-natural lifestyle that was most beneficial to humankind.

Through exercise, yoga, meditation, and movement, we aimed to return our bodies, our souls into our factory settings. We still walk on the path to returning our factory settings every single day.


In this adventure of creating Healthy To-Go, we aim to
reach as many people, friends, and companions in order to spread a healthier, happier, soulful lifestyle. As you move towards your goals to a healthier lifestyle, let us help you take every step with confidence, with gratitude and with lots of love towards the life we get to create for ourselves. Let’s meet!

Healthy To Go - ALL NATURAL

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